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Citrix Summit and Synergy 2013 @Anaheim

247999_467524673329090_1691228344_nAs many of you may know this week Citrix Summit and Synergy are held in Anaheim, USA. I couldn’t schedule it in as I was planning to go to Barcelona and we all know what happened to that plan.

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Demystifying Citrix Excalibur Architecture

For all XenApp admins and consultants out there Project Avalon will bring a big change as we are used to having XenApp servers running on the (what seemed to be) everlasting Citrix Independent Management Architecture and we’re heading to Citrix FlexCast Management Architecture (already included in XenDesktop at this moment) and will be included in the Citrix Excalibur Architecture.

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Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway What’s the real amount of ICA proxy users you can handle?

NetScaler Access Gateway

Yesterday Barry Schiffer posted a new blog titled Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway What’s the real amount of ICA proxy users you can handle? which is a result of  conversations he had with a couple of great minds of this industry and basically he’s doing some research on how many users your remote access device can handle and what kind of certificate you’re using.

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Citrix NetScaler, how to configure ICA proxy for mobile devices and SSL VPN for laptops

In my recent blogpost on “NetScaler, WI and the Citrix Receiver 5.7.. “The gateway settings are incorrect” you could read how I configured the Citrix NetScaler for mobile devices (ICA Proxy) and laptops (SSL VPN). During the project new requirements came up and I had to do an End Point Analysis on the laptop to make sure that they were only allowed to do SSL VPN when the machine was domain joined to the customer domain.

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NetScaler, WI and the Citrix Receiver 5.7.. “The gateway settings are incorrect”

For one of my projects I was configuring a NetScaler HA Pair and after configuring the SSL VPN for laptops I wanted to configure a session profile to reroute mobile users (iOS devices running the Citrix Receiver 5.7) based on their User-Agent in the HTTP Header to a ICA Proxy enabled WI Services site. The SSL VPN was working including 2fact auth and SSO so I knew the start was good 😉

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Citrix: Creating a Load Balanced Multi-Node Citrix Receiver StoreFront Server Group for use with Citrix CloudGateway #2

After Dane Young wrote an excellent blogpost on how to setup a load balanced multi-node Citrix Receiver StoreFront Server group for use with the Citrix Cloud Gateway I used his information and screenshots to build a similar environment. The only thing that’s different from Dane’s stetup is that we were using Cisco ACE’s for loadbalancing. We created a setup with two Cisco ACE 4710’s in an HA pair (Hot-standby) on both of the available data centers.  The ACE can be divided into virtual contexts, so we were able to create a separated management configuration and dedicated resources for the SBC/VDI configuration.


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