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Get duplicate client hostnames from XenApp with Powershell

powershellAt one of my current projects we’ve encountered the situation were people had non domain joined machines (corporate owned), those machines were deployed via an external deployment mechanism but we discovered that a lot of the machines had duplicate hostnames. Not a big deal as the machines weren’t domain joined but whilst the customer wanted to use Intune to manage these devices it could become complicated as Intune displays the hostname of the machine.

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Using RES Automation Manager to create printers from CSV

During one of my projects we had to do a print migration of +500 printers and as this could become a repeating task during other migrations we decided to use RES Automation Manager to get this done. Read more

The Citrix Policy Reference sheet with the corresponding powershell commands

citrix policy referenceA couple of weeks ago Citrix published the Citrix Policy Reference sheet:



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Citrix: Powershell script to list active thin clients

I was working on a project and one of the sys admins wanted to display which thin clients where logged on, so we made a powershell script to export all active thin clients to a txt file. He could make a script that would enumerate that txt file into HTML to display the occupied thin clients on a screen at the entrance so employees could determine which client they could use that day.


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Citrix: Backup your Citrix policies with the SDK and Powershell

I had to create a script to backup the Citrix policies, in order to do this I had to use the Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands.psm1. Before I could use them I had to install the XenApp SDK, because I had to run this script from every Citrix XA server I wanted to create an unattended install of the SDK.  I added a zipfile with the extracted XASD60.exe here.


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Citrix: Getting a Farm Inventory With XenApp 6 PowerShell Scripting

I found the following useful information on the Citrix blogs written by Michael Bogobowicz

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