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2013 is the year of… Converged Infrastructure?

I attended the SDDC roadshow in March and VMware announced that 2013 would be the year of VDI and Software defined Data Center but I heard Tikiri Wanduragala (IBM) saying it would be the year of converged infrastructure and my first response was: “2013 is going to be a busy year…”

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Citrix: Creating a Load Balanced Multi-Node Citrix Receiver StoreFront Server Group for use with Citrix CloudGateway #2

After Dane Young wrote an excellent blogpost on how to setup a load balanced multi-node Citrix Receiver StoreFront Server group for use with the Citrix Cloud Gateway I used his information and screenshots to build a similar environment. The only thing that’s different from Dane’s stetup is that we were using Cisco ACE’s for loadbalancing. We created a setup with two Cisco ACE 4710’s in an HA pair (Hot-standby) on both of the available data centers.  The ACE can be divided into virtual contexts, so we were able to create a separated management configuration and dedicated resources for the SBC/VDI configuration.


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Citrix XenApp and Cisco WAAS

I recently made a design for a Citrix XenApp 6 farm that had to comply with the Cisco WAAS solution the customer had in place.  This image is from the Cisco WAAS website to clarify the set-up (although this is about XenDesktop, it uses the same principals).


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