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Citrix: Mandatory Profiles and Microsoft Online Services Sign In client (User Certificates)

I’ve been working on project where we’re building a XenApp/XenDesktop environment based on Windows 7/Windows 2008R2 with RES Workspace Manager and Automation Manager. One of the design decisions was to use mandatory profiles, which worked pretty great until we had to test the Microsoft Online Services Sign In client. This uses User Certificates which are stored in the user profile.. wait.. Mandatory profiles, stored in the user profile.. That’s not the best combination so I did a search on the (excellent!) RES Software knowledge base and found the following article:

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Create mandatory profile and use this in RES Workspace Manager

After my last post I got some feedback about the use of mandatory profiles and how to implement them using RES Workspace Manager. First of all you have to create a mandatory profile for the OS you want to use. Let’s say you want to create a mandatory profile for Windows 7.  Microsoft published a great how-to on their website containing the following steps:

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Mandatory profiles and RES Workspace Manager

The last two days I spend building a PoC for RES Workspace Manager for a customer with 2800 workstations and a Citrix environment, one of the acceptance requirements for this PoC was the ability to use mandatory profiles and save certain settings. Because of the nature of mandatory profiles RES Workspace Manager can be used to store user settings to the user home folder so the next time a user logs on these settings are restored.

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