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How to deploy Citrix NetScaler VPX on Nutanix AHV


As I’m working on a solution note for Citrix NetScaler VPX on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) I was looking to deploy the VPX on AHV and not completely coincidentally Ronnie Hamilton asked me if I had some tips on how to deploy the NetScaler VPX on AHV which was enough reason write a new blogpost.

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Configuring Citrix NetScaler Gateway with Azure MFA

MFAWhile closing up on one of my projects we started a proof of concept with two factor authentication based on Microsoft Azure MFA. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication is the service that requires users to also verify sign-ins by using a mobile app, phone call, or text message. You can use it together with Azure AD or together with custom applications and directories by using the SDK. You can also use it together with on-premises applications by using Multi-Factor Authentication Server.

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Creating a Load Balanced Citrix StoreFront 2.5 Server Group with Citrix NetScaler 10.5

Citrix NetScaler

A while ago Dane Young posted an excellent blogpost on the ITVCE site on how to create a load balanced multi-node Citrix StoreFront 2.0 server group with the Citrix NetScaler 10.1. You can find the blog post over here: http://blog.itvce.com/?p=4605 and I did a blogpost over here: Creating a Load Balanced Citrix StoreFront 2.0 Server Group with Citrix NetScaler 10.1 

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Citrix Cerebro: A must have for your XenMobile/ NetScaler Toolbox!

cerebroOne of the benefits of living in the Netherlands is that the Dutch Citrix SE’s organize workshops and training from while to while. During one of those workshops my colleagues Patrick Braam heard of Cerebro, a tool to analyze your NetScaler Gateway deployment for XenMobile.

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Citrix NetScaler ‘Failed to upload file’

Citrix NetScalerAt one of my projects I was assigned to configure two NetScalers in HA pair. Because of a delay in procurement the licenses were delivered later than expected. It gave me some time to work on a backup script for the NetScalers but more of that in another blogpost.

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Explaining the NetScaler Policy and Packet Engine

Citrix NetScalerDuring the training I received recently by Joost de Vlugt (whom I can recommend for this training btw) on NetScaler 10 I got an explanation of the steps a session has to take before offering the service to the end user. Two of the most important steps are done via the policy and packet engine.

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