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Citrix: Unattended install of PVS Target Device resulting in vDisk is not available

I was trying to install the Citrix PVS Target Device unattended. I made a job in RES Automation Manager with a Unattended Installation Package:

PVS_Device_x64.exe /S /v /qn

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Citrix: Citrix PVS and BSOD when booting target VM from vDisk

Yesterday I spend the day setting up a PoC for Citrix Provisioning Services (5.6.1 SP1) with XenDesktop, XenApp 6 and XenApp 5. But we discovered that all of the target VM’s would give a BSOD (0x0000007b meaning: inaccessible boot device) when booting from the vDisk while the master didn’t have any problems.

citrix pvs

image source: Lako-Home

After investigating this we cloned the master and removed the hard drive. After creating the device in the Citrix PVS console we where able to boot successfully from this vDisk. So the VM was created manually and somewhere along the road there was a misconfiguration. We took the clone and converted it to a template. After this we installed CTX128726 for PVS so we can use the wizard to create XenApp VM’s with this vDisk from the PVS console