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Releasing the Nutanix Documentation Script


One of the things I’ve been working on since I started at Nutanix is the Nutanix documentation script. Luckily there already is an PowerShell framework to document AD, DHCP but also XenApp, XenDesktop and PVS for instance.


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Citrix: Powershell script to list active thin clients

I was working on a project and one of the sys admins wanted to display which thin clients where logged on, so we made a powershell script to export all active thin clients to a txt file. He could make a script that would enumerate that txt file into HTML to display the occupied thin clients on a screen at the entrance so employees could determine which client they could use that day.


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Script: Create a list of Windows Updates installed

I was troubleshooting some issues and I needed a way to collect an overview of Windows Updates installed on a couple of machines and after some digging around I found the following command line:

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