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Citrix Single Sign-On experienced an error during initialization

At one of my projects I was configuring Citrix Single sign-on and the config and install went pretty smooth, the Citrix XenApp farm was configured with Citrix Single sign-on within a couple of hours but we had to install the client on the desktops and laptops too.

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Citrix SSOShell.exe Memory leak

While installing Citrix SSO 4.8 in a test environment in combination with Windows Server 2003 and Citrix XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2003 we noticed that the Citrix servers were affected by this installation. The user sessions were taking more memory than before the installation of Citrix SSO. While investigating this issue we noticed that the memory usage was growing as the session was longer active. So Citrix SSO 4.8 had a memory leak, Citrix already had a fix for this in the SSOP480WX86001 (Version 4.8.6501.0) – For Citrix Single Sign-on Plug-in 4.8 x86 hotfix which fixes the following:

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Microsoft RDS, RDS Gateway, RDS Web Access and SSO

A colleague of mine wrote a design for a customer based on Windows 2008 RDS with a RDS Gateway and RDS Web Access with Windows 7 and XP workstations, when accessing published applications the single sign on worked but when publishing a desktop the single sign on failed. We logged a call at Microsoft Support and after extensive troubleshooting we couldn’t directly solve the problem. Microsoft created a fix for this bug in Windows 8 and back ported it to Windows 7 but our customer wanted to deliver the applications on multiple, managed and unmanaged platforms so we advised them to implement Citrix XenApp with a Citrix Access Gateway so the new requirements and old requirements could be fulfilled.

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