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How I migrated from Windows to Mac OSX

Mac OSXJust recently I decided to buy myself a new laptop and after a lot of consideration and discussions with my CFO (yes, that’s the misses) I let Barry Schiffer convince me I needed a MacBook, for a brief moment I looked at the MacBook Air but I went for the MacBook Pro because it has a Retina display which apparently is a useful feature when you have to stare at your screen the whole day long.

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Citrix: Remove Favorites from the Explorer in Windows 7/ Windows 2008 R2

I often publish a desktop in my projects and most of the times the new favorites folder in the explorer has to be removed because it’s not easily managed. I found the following method is pretty straightforward and works too.

Yuri Haak and a couple of other smart guys figured this out on the RESUG forum so I took their tips and made some automation possible. To change the reg keys that can remove the favorites from the explorer you first have to change the rights on the registry key, I did this by using Helge Klein’s SetACL which is an easy tool for such small (but tricky) adjustments.

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