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RDS: Windows 8 Scenario-based RDS deployment (movie included)

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft came to Inter Access to give a Windows 8 Demo Mania event, they mentioned the Scenario-based RDS deployment so that triggered me to look into it and the result is this video. I hope this clarifies how scenario based deployment works:

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Citrix: Windows 8 CP and the VDA installation, how it still fails..

As the Customer Preview of Windows 8 was released yesterday and I had some additional time today I wanted to install the VDA in the Windows 8 CP. I already tried the VDA installation with the Windows 8 developers release but that wouldn’t work, it came up with the Windows 8 version of a BSOD. So with this new release and the release of VDA Version 5.5.100 I thought why not just try again.


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