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How to add Google Search Provider with RES Workspace Manager

During my latest (and greatest) project I got the request to add Google as default search provider to Internet Explorer. Luckily I was able to leverage RES Workspace Manager to add the search provider in Internet Explorer.

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RES Software Workspace Manager ‘s AppGuard is unable to protect your session

During one of the projects I’ve worked on we did a Citrix XenApp deployment with RES Automation Manager, as we were using building blocks the deployment was up and running in no time. The usual software was installed on this server: Office, Adobe Reader, RES Workspace Manager and some other supporting components (Flash, Shockwave, Silverlight etc) and my initial tests came out positive but after installing the PVS Target Device Software I got a strange error when starting RES Workspace Manager while starting a new session:

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RES: ‘This item referred to by this shortcut..’ error

Yesterday one of my colleagues reported an error at one of our customers stating the following while logging onto a published desktop (XA6.5 with RES WM2011): “The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed. You may not have the appropriate permissions”. The error was displayed by pfwsmgr.exe.



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Citrix: Mandatory Profiles and Microsoft Online Services Sign In client (User Certificates)

I’ve been working on project where we’re building a XenApp/XenDesktop environment based on Windows 7/Windows 2008R2 with RES Workspace Manager and Automation Manager. One of the design decisions was to use mandatory profiles, which worked pretty great until we had to test the Microsoft Online Services Sign In client. This uses User Certificates which are stored in the user profile.. wait.. Mandatory profiles, stored in the user profile.. That’s not the best combination so I did a search on the (excellent!) RES Software knowledge base and found the following article:

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Microsoft: App-V and RES Workspace Manager: Error 46075A9-1B401F6C-0000005

I was creating an unattended installation of the App-V 4.6 x64 for RDS using RES Automation Manager, I used an installation script from somebody else as source for this installation and the installation went without any problems.  I accessed the server via a published desktop managed by RES Workspace Manager to test an application that was delivered via App-V but I couldn’t launch the application and it came up with the following errors in the eventviewer:

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RES: Workspace Manager and creating bulk printers

I was talking to Grant Tiller about a customer that had +500 printers that had to be created in RES Workspace Manager and he told me there was a solution to create printers in bulk so it wouldn’t be a manual job. Here’s a description of the utility and how to use it:


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