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Demystifying Citrix Excalibur Architecture

For all XenApp admins and consultants out there Project Avalon will bring a big change as we are used to having XenApp servers running on the (what seemed to be) everlasting Citrix Independent Management Architecture and we’re heading to Citrix FlexCast Management Architecture (already included in XenDesktop at this moment) and will be included in the Citrix Excalibur Architecture.

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Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway What’s the real amount of ICA proxy users you can handle?

NetScaler Access Gateway

Yesterday Barry Schiffer posted a new blog titled Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway What’s the real amount of ICA proxy users you can handle? which is a result of  conversations he had with a couple of great minds of this industry and basically he’s doing some research on how many users your remote access device can handle and what kind of certificate you’re using.

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How-to install the VMware View Composer (incl video)

For an upcoming presentation I’m installing the VMware View Composer on a Windows 2008 R2 box and being fairly new to the VMware View architecture I just thought I should click and go… Ok, maybe I should have looked into the manual but where’s the fun in that :). In all honesty: the VMware documentation is good and well written so if I would have read the guides I probably wouldn’t ran into these problems.

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VMware vSphere nested in Hyper-V on Windows 8

I recently got a new corporate laptop with Windows 8 installed, as I needed to do some lab work I installed VMware Workstation 9 and installed a copy of nested VMware vSphere 5.1 as VMware Workstation delivers this natively. Read more