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Nutanix AHV and Citrix MCS: Adding a persistent disk via Powershell – v2


After writing this blogpost on  Adding a persistent disk via Powershell with Citrix MCS running on Nutanix AHV I got an email from one of our senior system architects, he asked me about this configuration so I shared the blogpost with him and his customer to find out that this customer enhanced the scripting part by using powershell and ControlUp to initialize format and assign a drive letter to the disk. Smart usage of available tools!

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Updated: VM Reporting Script for Nutanix with Powershell

PowershellOk ok, a new version of this Powershell script? Yeah, in the latest addition I’ve added CPU RDY % and Working Set Sizes for Read/Write IO. This time I’ve added a colomn that shows if the VM has a CD-ROM and if so, what ISO file is mounted to the CD-ROM. This was based on a chat with Lee Pryor, thanks for the idea Lee!



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Updated (again!): VM Reporting Script for Nutanix AHV/vSphere with Powershell

PowershellAfter a great meeting with a current Nutanix customer they asked if we had a tool that could provide them with some more background on their current cluster utilization and report on that. While Prism/Prism Pro will give you excellent reporting I try to automate as much as possible so I decided to alter the excisting Reporting Script I had written before to have working set size for read/write IO and potential CPU RDY times in the reporting as well. 

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Updated: VM Reporting Script for Nutanix AHV with Powershell

PowershellHere I found myself wondering around the twitter sphere where I found this little gem posted by Aaron Parker: “Out-HtmlView – HTML alternative to Out-GridView “. This made me modify the current VM Reporting script for AHV and now the script will output to this HTML view when the PSWriteHTML module is installed and otherwise it will output to CSV.

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How to add a CD-ROM drive and mount an ISO file via powershell to an AHV-hosted VM

PowershellAnother powershell blog? Yeah, I guess it’s that kind of a month :). After writing my previous blog on How to add a NIC via Powershell to an AHV-hosted VM I got talking to one of our Services resources about a customer trying to run Citrix PVS with BDM. I figured I could easily modify the script to add a NIC so I could add a CD-ROM drive and mount an ISO file.

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How to add a nic via powershell to an AHV-hosted VM

PowershellAfter getting a question on how to add a network interface card to an existing VM I reverted back to powershell again, this could be useful for PVS scenarios where you want to seperate out network traffic stream (streaming vs generic network traffic) which is an outdated practice but for the sake of the powershell script it was my starting point.

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