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My experience with Citrix ShareFile Drive Mapper

Drive MapperWhen Citrix announced the ShareFile Drive Mapper I wanted to give it a go, it’s something Microsoft can’t (won’t?) offer for OneDrive so it’s a nice differentiator. This solution will connect to your Citrix ShareFile account and present the data in ShareFile as a local drive including drive letter. Certainly convenient in VDI scenario’s where you want access to your files as if they’re local but don’t want to consume the storage on the target platform for your VDI deployment.

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Citrix ShareFile Storage Zones (Connectors..)

During Citrix Synergy Citrix released ShareFile Storage Zones Connectors, this enables you to re-use your existing data sources and not having to migrate your data to the follow-me-data solution you’re implementing. I already wrote a blogpost on Follow me data and so did Marco Drost with his ‘On Premises dropbox‘ but with the introduction of storage zones and storage zones connectors we’re really leveraging the full potential of this solution.

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Follow-me-data, a quick glance

The last couple of months there where a lot of announcements made involving follow-me-data, all the vendors have seen the potential in building an ‘Enterprise Dropbox’ but there are still a lot of questions around there products, Dan Brinkmann recently wrote a blog on which functionality he would like to see in these Dropbox-replacements and as I answered to his question on twitter on functionality I agree with most of them:

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