Archive for January 24, 2012

Citrix: How to perform an unattended installation of the Cloud Gateway Express

At one of my customers there was a question to deploy the Cloud Gateway Express unattended. To do so we first have to install the prerequisites, from the eDocs:

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Citrix: *.ICA and file type association, open with CDViewer

Just a small blog because I find it useful in my daily job, I like the CDViewer because I can resize my XenApp windows whenever I want to. If you want to set the CDViewer.exe as default you can go to ‘Control Panel’, ‘ Default Programs’  and select ‘ICA’


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Citrix: Unattended install of PVS Target Device resulting in vDisk is not available

I was trying to install the Citrix PVS Target Device unattended. I made a job in RES Automation Manager with a Unattended Installation Package:

PVS_Device_x64.exe /S /v /qn

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