How to hide the Citrix PVS System Tray icon per user

While working on a vDisk for Windows 2008R2 with XenApp 6.5 based on Citrix Provisioning Services I got a remark that people could see the Citrix PVS Target Tools icon in the system tray and this could be confusing for the end user as they are presented information that is useless to them.

I suggested to remove it by removing it from the HKLM key as Jack Cobben already described in his blog Hide Virtual Disk Tray Icon:

[codesyntax lang=”reg”]


But in this case the customer wanted to be able give administrators the option to see the icon so I couldn’t disable the icon in the system tray on machine level so the HKLM option was excluded.

When searching in the registry I found the following key in the HKCU:

[codesyntax lang=”reg”]


This key basically does what the key on HKLM does but on a user level, because I’m using RES Workspace Manager it’s easy to configure this value for certain users by using Access Controls. You could do this with Group Policy Preferences too but as we could use RES Workspace Manager to control user related settings I imported the .reg file into RES Workspace Manager:

Citrix PVS

After applying this the users that got this setting didn’t see the Citrix PVS Target Tools icon in the system tray anymore.

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Kees Baggerman

Kees Baggerman is a Staff Solutions Architect for End User Computing at Nutanix. Kees has driven numerous Microsoft and Citrix, and RES infrastructures functional/technical designs, migrations, implementations engagements over the years.


  1. Nice Article Kees,

    however there’s a small typo, we should read ProvisioningServices instead of ProvisionigServices in that reg entry. Also STatusTray should be StatusTray.
    The statustray icon seems to disappear only at the second login also.

    Personally, I prefer hiding the icon with the HKLM key instead because the StatusTray.exe process won’t load for every users, that’s 5MB of memory for each ica session right there that you can save.

    I just launch the process manually as admin when I need it for troubleshooting purpose.

    • Kees Baggerman says:

      Thanks, changed the typos. Like I said, this customer wanted to show the icon on a per user base and this is one of the solutions.

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