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2013 recap, here comes 2014!

logo_smallJust like every blogger (and like I did the last two years) I like to write a recap at the end of the year. It was another exciting year with lots of developments personal and business-wise.


Citrix NetScaler ‘Failed to upload file’

Citrix NetScalerAt one of my projects I was assigned to configure two NetScalers in HA pair. Because of a delay in procurement the licenses were delivered later than expected. It gave me some time to work on a backup script for the NetScalers but more of that in another blogpost.

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Microsoft announced the cross platform Remote Desktop Services client..

On the 18th of October this year Microsoft announced the Remote Desktop Services client for Android and iOS, bringing the Windows desktop to phones and tablets. Although at first I couldn’t find any additional information it looked like Microsoft has an agreement with iTap as the RDP apps for iOS, Mac OS X and Android platforms from iTap are discontinued as of 18th of October as stated here.

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Explaining the NetScaler Policy and Packet Engine

Citrix NetScalerDuring the training I received recently by Joost de Vlugt (whom I can recommend for this training btw) on NetScaler 10 I got an explanation of the steps a session has to take before offering the service to the end user. Two of the most important steps are done via the policy and packet engine.

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How to configure Citrix Multistream ICA

Citrix Multistream ICAJust recently I was asked to advice in a situation with saturated lines on a Citrix XenApp 6.5 configuration with hundreds of different locations. With XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop 5.5, with Receiver 3.0 (including Online Plugin 13.0), Citrix introduced support for true network based Quality of Service (QoS) to the ICA or HDX protocol so one of the options was to do QoS on the connections to the datacenters

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