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Citrix Project Avalon, Excalibur and Merlin

I just got home from another exciting Citrix Synergy Barcelona with a lot of new announcements and surely lots of new information to process. While I was processing all the new information I wondered about the components of these three projects and how people should position these projects so I decided to write a blog post about Citrix Project Avalon, Merlin and Excalibur. I wrote a blog post on Avalon a couple of months ago: Citrix: Project Avalon.. Integration is the new innovation!

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Citrix Synergy coming up…

So next week Citrix Synergy 2012 will be held in Barcelona, I’m scheduled to fly on Sunday in the afternoon and I’ll be joining Remko Weijnen and Ingmar Verheij for some tapa’s when I’ve landed and dropped my stuff of at the hotel (I’m staying in the AC hotel which is near the International Convention Centre of Barcelona (CCIB) btw). I thought it would be a good idea to share my schedule and expectations around Citrix Synergy in this blogpost.

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