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XenDesktop 7, the unattended installation..

XenDesktop 7As an IT Consultant I’m all about automation and orchestration so with the Release To Web of XenDesktop 7 we have a new installation to automate. Luckily the installation of XenDesktop is improved, it’s 7 clicks from start to finish as Stephane has blogged about on Archy.net.

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Citrix Project Avalon, Excalibur and Merlin

I just got home from another exciting Citrix Synergy Barcelona with a lot of new announcements and surely lots of new information to process. While I was processing all the new information I wondered about the components of these three projects and how people should position these projects so I decided to write a blog post about Citrix Project Avalon, Merlin and Excalibur. I wrote a blog post on Avalon a couple of months ago: Citrix: Project Avalon.. Integration is the new innovation!

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