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2011 recap, here comes 2012!

This year I started this blog, mainly to create an archive for myself but also to share the problems and even better solutions from the field. I liked to write the opinion articles as well. Also from a personal perspective it was a great year, I became CCEE and CCIA, RES Certificied Trainer and got a different role within the company. We started the DUCUG with 6 other great Citrix minded guys and the first event is on the 10th of February, I was able to attend both BriForum and Citrix Summit/Synergy and meet a lot of the great minds in the industry. My kids are doing great and my wife is just awesome being so supportive.

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Citrix: XenClient and mounting an ISO

I’ve been using XenClient since a couple of weeks and I wanted to use an  ISO file from local storage but the current methods described wouldn’t work for me until I found a blogpost which stated that the filename had to be lower-case. Otherwise XenClient wouldn’t show the file as stated in the following post on the Citrix forums:

You can copy ISO images to the /storage/isos directory on XenClient and then after hitting CTRL-Q in the XenClient UI to reload you will be able to map one of the ISOs to a VM for installing the OS or software. It will be in the advanced view and show up on the Tools CD dropdown.

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Citrix: Mandatory Profiles and Microsoft Online Services Sign In client (User Certificates)

I’ve been working on project where we’re building a XenApp/XenDesktop environment based on Windows 7/Windows 2008R2 with RES Workspace Manager and Automation Manager. One of the design decisions was to use mandatory profiles, which worked pretty great until we had to test the Microsoft Online Services Sign In client. This uses User Certificates which are stored in the user profile.. wait.. Mandatory profiles, stored in the user profile.. That’s not the best combination so I did a search on the (excellent!) RES Software knowledge base and found the following article:

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Citrix: Network Issues after upgrade to XenClient 2.1

Last week I updated to XenClient 2.1 via the OTA like I described in my first blogpost on my findings on XenClient 2.0. After the upgrade I noticed some issues around the responsiveness of my VM so I did some basic troubleshooting and I noticed that although I installed the XenClient tools it didn’t upgraded them, after removal of XenClient tools I did a new installation but the issues weren’t solved.

Because my VM is a VHD from my old laptop I removed all Lenovo tooling just to make sure it didn’t mess around with the XenClient tools, I even removed my antivirus client just to test if that was causing the problem. I couldn’t figure it out so I created a new topic on the support forums:

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Microsoft: App-V and RES Workspace Manager: Error 46075A9-1B401F6C-0000005

I was creating an unattended installation of the App-V 4.6 x64 for RDS using RES Automation Manager, I used an installation script from somebody else as source for this installation and the installation went without any problems.  I accessed the server via a published desktop managed by RES Workspace Manager to test an application that was delivered via App-V but I couldn’t launch the application and it came up with the following errors in the eventviewer:

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Citrix: Dutch Citrix User Group launched!

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a couple of great minds if I would be interested in doing some work for a relaunch of the Dutch Citrix User Group. A couple of familiar names where mentioned so it was an easy decision, together with Barry Schiffer, Ingmar Verheij, Remko Weijnen, Wilco van Bragt, Jon Jager and of course Edwin Houben (who had the idea to start the DUCUG with Wilco a couple of years ago) we had a brainstorm session and I got completely enthusiastic about the ideas we talked about.

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