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XenDesktop 7, the unattended installation..

XenDesktop 7As an IT Consultant I’m all about automation and orchestration so with the Release To Web of XenDesktop 7 we have a new installation to automate. Luckily the installation of XenDesktop is improved, it’s 7 clicks from start to finish as Stephane has blogged about on

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Application compatibility.. No longer an issue?


The last couple of weeks I saw a lot of discussions on application compatibility for the Hosted Private Computer Infrastructure (HPCI)/ Hosted Shared Computer Infrastructure (HSCI). I was wondering if application compatibility still is an issue as we have plausible alternatives.

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Citrix NetScaler products and versions explained

Citrix NetSCalerCitrix did a lot of announcements on cloud products the last year(s) as Barry Schiffer already covered here. One of the core products of this cloud offer is the Citrix NetScaler.. Or AGEE.. Or AGE.. So after discussing this several times with customers I decided to write a blog post on the difference in Citrix NetScaler products and versions.

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