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2012 recap, here comes 2013!

Like last year I decided to write a recap of past year. This year was a really interesting year, I learned a lot. Not only from a technical perspective but from a personal perspective as well.

Both Barry Schiffer and Esther Barthel joined our team (among others) and both have proven to be a great addition to the team. I think the team is really balanced and we’ve got all disciplines in house to deliver complete infrastructures with just one team of consultants.

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Citrix Partner Exchange 2012

Last week I attended the Citrix Partner Exchange 2012, it’s an event held by Citrix BeNeLux and this year it was in Nieuwegein which is a new location for this event. After a slippery ride (first snow this year) I arrived at the NBC and took a look at the program:

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When to use conditions and evaluators in RES Automation Manager

In most of our projects we use RES Automation Manager for task automation and as I’m a RES Certified Trainer I have to explain how RES Automation Manager works and every time I give this training I have to explain “Conditions” and “Evaluators” so I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about these two options, their differences and their use cases.

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Bromium vSentry, a first glance

A couple of days ago I received the bits from Bromium’s vSentry. vSentry is a security solution built to provide safe desktops to end-users without the hassle of it (the security solution) being there.

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