Citrix Partner Exchange 2012

Last week I attended the Citrix Partner Exchange 2012, it’s an event held by Citrix BeNeLux and this year it was in Nieuwegein which is a new location for this event. After a slippery ride (first snow this year) I arrived at the NBC and took a look at the program:

Keynote: Why Citrix? by Peter van Leest en Andreas van Wingerden

Mobile workstyles: Putting the user in the driving seat

  • BYO Devices
  • Exec Mobility
  • Workshifting

Cloud Services: Making sure IT can deliver

  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Enterprise Cloud Networks
  • Cloud Convergence
  • Unified StoreFront

Ask the experts (for Partners)

  • Leads/CAR process
  • Marketing concierge / Syndication
  • VCDC demo resources
  • Success Kits
  • SA & Premium Support

Closing Keynote: What the future might hold


The first presentation was all about the two main paths within Citrix:
With this first slide they followed up with the announcement of Citrix acquiring Zenprise which is an MDM solution, this acquisition is expected to close january 2013. As stated by Citrix: “Citrix and Zenprise will become an end-to-end enterprise mobility management solution that manages apps, docs and devices to deliver enterprise-class security for IT while providing end-users choice and a superior user experience”.
Reasons behind this acquisition were:
  • Market leading technologies coming together
  • Deliver complete stack for enterprise mobility
  • Gain customer footprint in MDM
  • Provide on-premise and cloud solution
  • Offer most comprehensive mobility solution
So Citrix is adding Zenprise to deliver the complete stack, the last year was all about MIM/MAM and with the addition of Zenprise they can add MDM to the MDX stack.

Next up was an explanation about workshifting and how this is becoming more and more main stream and the GenY is already organized to work like that, this is a big driver behind Citrix’s strategy. There are a couple of main subjects in their enterprise mobility:


The second part of the day was filled with information about the cloud, main subjects in this transitions are:


After this part of the presentation there was another ‘One more thing’ and this was the presentation about Cisco VXI which is an architecture based on Cisco’s UCS computing and networking bind together with first class storage including the Citrix stack to deliver the best user experience. Jan Heijdra demo-ed Cisco’s CUPC client which can be used for chat, voice and video on desktop virtualization platforms and is optimized too. The next few presentations were about ViaB, AppDNA and NetScaler Insight, just to give a glance on what’s possible with these product so very high level and not technical, Podio and GoToMeeting was demo-ed, and I’m a big fan of Podio. I’m using it for another blog I write for ITVCE and I must say it works like a charm even with custom build applications it’s easy to use and very intuitive

What was mentioned (and noticeable) was that all demo’s were running in a remote lab from SoftLayer so there was no server equipment in the venue but everything was running in a remote datacenter, Although this is a risk all the demo’s expect for Martijn’s demo of ShareFile (which wasn’t hosted at SoftLayer) went ok.

As closing keynote Andreas held a presentation about how IT is affecting our day to day way of living and how the next generations are already dealing and anticipating on these changes. It does come with a risk tho because privacy can easily can be compromised when you’re always online.

Although I didn’t hear a lot of new stuff I do like the setup of this day. It’s a great way to keep in touch with other admins/consultants or architects in the field and see how they’re coping with the challenges of modern days.


I’ve found a short video of PESS2012 on Citrix TV


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Kees Baggerman

Kees Baggerman is a Staff Solutions Architect for End User Computing at Nutanix. Kees has driven numerous Microsoft and Citrix, and RES infrastructures functional/technical designs, migrations, implementations engagements over the years.

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