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Follow-me-data, a quick glance

The last couple of months there where a lot of announcements made involving follow-me-data, all the vendors have seen the potential in building an ‘Enterprise Dropbox’ but there are still a lot of questions around there products, Dan Brinkmann recently wrote a blog on which functionality he would like to see in these Dropbox-replacements and as I answered to his question on twitter on functionality I agree with most of them:

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Citrix: Is there a future for thin clients?

Last month Barry Schiffer and I did a presentation on E2Evc, the subject? “Enterprise clients. when to use what and why?”

The last couple of meetings I had with customers this was a very hot topic, people are rethinking their client strategy with BYOD and CYO as alternatives to their traditional desktop strategy. I noticed that there still is a demand for a client strategy when using SBC/VDI but there are a lot of choices to be made when looking at enterprise clients:

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Hypervisors and the features discussions, will this become obsolete?

With the upcoming release of Hyper-V 3.0 we see a lot of movement from both VMware and Microsoft on marketing level so all features are promoted, recently this type of marketing became a bit more ugly as VMware launched a ‘Get the facts‘  and older blogs from Microsoft on ‘Windows Server 8: Hyper-V 3.0 Evens the Odds with vSphere‘. Dan Brinkmann posted a very useful overview (from a Microsoft perspective) about the hypervisor on his blog.


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Citrix: Microsoft Lync stopping machine shutdown/log off

During the last couple of projects I did I noticed that Microsoft Lync would prevent my session to log off normally, either on a Citrix XenApp/XenDestop or normal fat client deployment. Somehow running Lync stopped the logoff process and I would the error  “This program is preventing Windows from logging off”:

Microsoft Lync

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