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Recommended Citrix and Microsoft Hotfixes for XenApp 6 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Based on Citrix Technical Support experience and customer feedback, the following Citrix and Microsoft hotfixes have been found to resolve the most common issues with XenApp 6 and Windows Server 2008 R2. These hotfixes focus on basic functionality and stability. For a complete list of Citrix hotfixes for XenApp 6, please click here.

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Citrix SSOShell.exe Memory leak

While installing Citrix SSO 4.8 in a test environment in combination with Windows Server 2003 and Citrix XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2003 we noticed that the Citrix servers were affected by this installation. The user sessions were taking more memory than before the installation of Citrix SSO. While investigating this issue we noticed that the memory usage was growing as the session was longer active. So Citrix SSO 4.8 had a memory leak, Citrix already had a fix for this in the SSOP480WX86001 (Version 4.8.6501.0) – For Citrix Single Sign-on Plug-in 4.8 x86 hotfix which fixes the following:

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Server restore

Unfortunately yesterday my VPS died while installing some software, I tried to restore a backup but the process was taking pretty long. Thanks to the guys at DirectVPS my server got backup relatively soon so now I have to reconfigure my WP installation. So if some functionality doesn’t work: I’m working on it.


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RES Automation Manager, server installations and automated diskpart

When I install servers I like to have a second drive to put data on. In this case we created servers based on ESXi so I created a single disk for the operating system (Windows 2008 R2) and a separate second disk for the data. When deploying via WDS/MDT the OS is installed on the first disk but the second disk had to be formatted and I had to assign a drive letter manual.

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RES Workspace Manager and language packs

A lot of our customers ask for multi language support in their SBC setup, Microsoft provides MUI’s for specific languages which can be installed on the base OS. When using default settings you’ll have to log out and then log in to have the changed language settings. But if you use RES PowerFuse 2010/RES Workspace Manager 2011 you can create this functionality without the need of logging off.

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Microsoft App-V Self service tool

One of my customers asked for a ‘self service tool’ for their users to remove Microsoft APP-V pkg files from their profiles. Because there’s no direct relation between the registry values and the location of the pkg files I had to be creative with a search within this script:

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