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Citrix Partner Exchange 2012

Last week I attended the Citrix Partner Exchange 2012, it’s an event held by Citrix BeNeLux and this year it was in Nieuwegein which is a new location for this event. After a slippery ride (first snow this year) I arrived at the NBC and took a look at the program:

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Citrix ShareFile Storage Zones (Connectors..)

During Citrix Synergy Citrix released ShareFile Storage Zones Connectors, this enables you to re-use your existing data sources and not having to migrate your data to the follow-me-data solution you’re implementing. I already wrote a blogpost on Follow me data and so did Marco Drost with his ‘On Premises dropbox‘ but with the introduction of storage zones and storage zones connectors we’re really leveraging the full potential of this solution.

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Citrix: Creating a Load Balanced Multi-Node Citrix Receiver StoreFront Server Group for use with Citrix CloudGateway #2

After Dane Young wrote an excellent blogpost on how to setup a load balanced multi-node Citrix Receiver StoreFront Server group for use with the Citrix Cloud Gateway I used his information and screenshots to build a similar environment. The only thing that’s different from Dane’s stetup is that we were using Cisco ACE’s for loadbalancing. We created a setup with two Cisco ACE 4710’s in an HA pair (Hot-standby) on both of the available data centers.  The ACE can be divided into virtual contexts, so we were able to create a separated management configuration and dedicated resources for the SBC/VDI configuration.


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