Presenting at E2EVC? Sure! The Topic? Podio

 A lot of my readers will probably already know E2EVC, the conference for content from all vendors, from RES/AppSense to Microsoft/VMware and Citrix. Even freeware tooling gets covered during this event. The big plus for E2EVC is that the information is completely without marketing so tech only.

I’ve been to E2EVC in Vienna and Copenhagen and had the chance to present at both events. The upcoming event will be held on May 30-Juni 1, 2014 in Brussels (Did you know there are just 3 seats left? Go and book here).

This time I’m going to present with a guy I’ve known for years now and I’m really proud to announce that I’m going to do a session together with Ingmar Verheij and we’re doing a session on:



Session Topic: Podio, the hidden gem from Citrix
Short description: Podio, it’s one of Citrix hidden gems. Let’s do a deep dive into Podio so we can show you why!



I’m really excited for this session, we’ve got so many ideas for this topic that it will be very hard to choose the best ideas to show you why Podio is one of the hidden gems of Citrix. So if you want to learn more about this hidden gem be sure to attend our session on Saturday at 12:00 in Room 2!


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Kees Baggerman

Kees Baggerman is a Staff Solutions Architect for End User Computing at Nutanix. Kees has driven numerous Microsoft and Citrix, and RES infrastructures functional/technical designs, migrations, implementations engagements over the years.


  1. Mirco Reimer says:

    Hi Kees, will the slides be available for people who couldn’t attend E2EVC?


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