Citrix Synergy 2016: My presentations

Citrix Synergy 2016

At Citrix Synergy 2016 held in Las Vegas during May 24-26 I was lucky enough to be able to present twice, both of the times I had a great co-presenter and during the last presentation we even had a secret guest on stage.

This year I’ve submitted a couple of sessions for Citrix Synergy, I believe it came down to 5 or 6 session/ideas. As said, I was lucky enough to be selected twice:

Citrix Synergy 2016 – SYN104: Citrix and Nutanix: the inside scoop

Citrix Synergy 2016

Nutanix Acropolis (AHV) is a powerful scale-out data fabric for storage, compute and virtualisation. Learn more about the inner workings of AHV and see how hyper converged infrastructure can decrease your time to market, increase user perceived performance and bring back focus to what’s important – User and their services. Come to this session to go deep into the nitty gritty of desktop virtualisation with Nutanix.

Citrix Synergy 2016 – SYN219: Getting up close and personal with MCS and PVS

Citrix Synergy 2016

Dive deep into the inner workings of Machine Creation Services and Provisioning Services, including implementation best practices for both technologies. You’ll learn about the weak spots and the benefits of each. We will also look into the behaviour of both technologies on different hypervisors, such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and Nutanix AHV.

This blog post is to aggregate the two videos from Citrix Synergy TV  as they’ve published all the presentations directly so I don’t have to go out on YouTube and search for them #lazywebz

SYN104: Citrix and Nutanix: the inside scoop


SYN219: Getting up close and personal with MCS and PVS

I’ll have to admin I had fun during the preparations and during the actual presentations too and I just wanted to thank my co-presenters for that:

Jarian Gibson – Independent Consultant/Solutions Architect at Jarian Gibson Consulting, LLC

Martijn Bosschaart – Sr Systems Engineer Channel Northern Europe at Nutanix

Jeff PinterParsons – Senior Architect at Citrix Systems

Especially Jeff needs a big shout out, as (and I quote): they won’t let him out in the open that often and he was able to talk about the potential future directions of both MCS and PVS which added a lot of value to the session.


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Kees Baggerman

Kees Baggerman is a Staff Solutions Architect for End User Computing at Nutanix. Kees has driven numerous Microsoft and Citrix, and RES infrastructures functional/technical designs, migrations, implementations engagements over the years.

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  1. […] Only caveat here is that AppDisks is currently not supported as the Citrix Provisioning SDK does not contain the information to utilise that but it’s something we’re looking at. As discussed during our presentation at Citrix Synergy we’re also looking at extending integration towards Citrix PVS but there’s no timing to as when that’s going to happen. If you’re interested in more information like that please feel free to take a look at my previous blogpost Citrix Synergy 2016: My Presentations […]

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