RES Workspace Manager and Change Password dialog

One of our customers noticed that the balloon that pops up when a password is about to expire isn’t displayed properly while using RES Workspace Manager. I send them an old powershell script that checks Active Directory and sends an email when the password expire date is within 14 days.

This was a good start but the script should be able to run on Windows XP and Windows 7 so a powershell script wasn’t the best choice. One of the admins wrote the following script which runs when logging on. It checks for the password expire data and gives a pop up when it’s within 14 days:

In this case I didn’t write the script so I have to thank Niek de Vries for letting me publish this script on my blog.


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Kees Baggerman

Kees Baggerman is a Staff Solutions Architect for End User Computing at Nutanix. Kees has driven numerous Microsoft and Citrix, and RES infrastructures functional/technical designs, migrations, implementations engagements over the years.


  1. Stefan says:

    I used this script on a Windows Server 2012 server, but get the error:

    Line: 24
    Char: 5
    Error: OVerflow ‘CCur’
    Code: 800A0006
    Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

    Any ideas?

    • k.baggerman says:

      I’ve no current ideas, didn’t test this script against WS2012? Maybe you should go for PoSH (or use the Windows Shell)

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