Nutanix .Next, announcements and my own experiences

About 2 weeks ago Nutanix held its very first .Next inaugural conference in Miami and as it has been a while since I last blogged so I thought it would be a good start to pick things up again and write about my own experiences and the announcements during the conference as it was my first conference where I could peak into the vendor side of a conference.


The first engagement for me for .Next was when I was contacted by our event organisation if I would like to present during .Next, without hesitation I said yes because it would be great chance for me to meet our customers, my colleagues from all parts of the world and our valued NTCs.

During the next couple of weeks it became clear that organisation of our own event was not something that was done lightly, because we were guided in every step towards presenting at Next.

.NextI say we because I was lucky enough to present together with James Javier (Infra Engineer @Toyota), Jeff Renard (Sr SE @Nutanix) and Dwayne Lessner (TME @Nutanix) about VDI Best practises on Nutanix. All in all we came to stage well prepared and the room was packed, according to the feedback in our .Next app and on Twitter we did pretty decent so all the time invested was well worth it and a special thanks goes out to James as he came on stage to talk about his experiences with VDI on Nutanix and took us through some of their lessons learned.

During the rest of the days we had a few announcements and as it’s too much to write about in one blogpost I named the eye-catchers for me personally here, some of them are linked to blogpost from other Nutants and NTCs:


  • Virtual Compute Platform becomes Extreme Compute Platform (XPC)
    • Acropolis (Link by Brian Suhr)
    • PRISM (Link by Andre Leibovici)
  • App mobility fabric (Link by Dwayne Lessner)
  • Nutanix File Services for user persona and data etc ink by Dwayne Lessner)
  • Nutanix Community edition (Link by Joep Piscaer)

Also announced was the new version of our Nutanix Operating System.

New features in NOS:

  • Mixed Clusters (adding a storage node)
  • “In Guest” iSCSI integration
  • Sync Replication to other hypervisors
  • Erasure coding
  • ToR Visibility for vSphere

A couple of things that stood out to me during this whole conference where the customer focus, there were customers opening the keynote, customers during the keynote and almost every session was lead or accompanied by one of our customers. and the tremendous amount of energy that was buzzing around by excitement of our customers but also from the Nutanix team, to me it felt like a real special moment to be there so hopefully I will see you there next year.

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Kees Baggerman

Kees Baggerman is a Staff Solutions Architect for End User Computing at Nutanix. Kees has driven numerous Microsoft and Citrix, and RES infrastructures functional/technical designs, migrations, implementations engagements over the years.

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