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Citrix: Storage Best Practices and Planning Guide

Today Citrix published CTX130632 containing XenDesktop Planning Guide – Storage Best Practices. This document describes a list of best practices, recommendations and performance related tips that cover the most critical areas of storage integration with Citrix XenDesktop. This Best Practices will be added to the XenDesktop Design Handbook that can be found here.

Citrix: Virtualization Best Practices for XenApp

Daniel Feller posted another great blogpost on Virtualization Best Practices for XenApp at the Citrix Blogs


One of the first questions when virtualizing XenApp is how many VMs to put on a server. Well, that was discussed in the Virtualize XenApp blog. Once you figure out how you plan to carve up the physical server, one of the next common questions is deciding which features of the hypervisor to enable/disable. For example, if I use XenServer, should I use the “Optimize for XenApp” setting? What about vSphere’s Transparent Page Sharing feature? And the big whopper, how should I allocate memory to my virtualized XenApp servers? Is it safe to use dynamic memory or am I safer to stick with fixed memory?

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Citrix: Edgesight for loadtesting best practices

I’ve been involved with quite a few Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop projects and a reoccurring phase in all of these projects is scaling/load testing.  When starting a project there’s a initial phase where you try to give an answer to all of the questions concerning scalability and sizing. So I’ve build a load test a couple of times now, the problem with these load tests is that no load test is equal to another. Every company has it’s own applications, settings and user types thus these load tests are custom made and can be re-used only partly for other customers.


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