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A new XenDesktop 7.6 installation, ‘Unable to upload disk’

XenDesktopI was setting up a new lab environment based on vSphere 5.5 and XenDesktop 7.6. When I wanted to deploy a new image within XenDesktop I got an error message ‘Unable to upload disk’.

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Solving authentication errors on MS SQL while setting up XenDesktop 7.6

DuringSQL a lab setup of XenDesktop 7.6 I used a Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 instance which I installed before while setting up the rest of my lab environment. While the database setup worked seamlessly for other environments it seemed that I couldn’t access the SQL server from the XenDesktop Setup wizard.

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Citrix HDX Mobile, what does it add?

Citrix HDX MobileThe Citrix Mobility Pack was first introduced with HRP02 for XenApp 6.5 and it is build to improve the experience of users on mobile devices using published applications and/or desktops from a XenApp farm. Later on it got rebranded to Citrix HDX Mobile with HDX Touch and HDX Sense. With the introduction of the mobility pack we got a couple of more options to optimise XenApp for mobile usage; but what options did we get and what issues do we see? Read more

XenDesktop 7, the unattended installation..

XenDesktop 7As an IT Consultant I’m all about automation and orchestration so with the Release To Web of XenDesktop 7 we have a new installation to automate. Luckily the installation of XenDesktop is improved, it’s 7 clicks from start to finish as Stephane has blogged about on Archy.net.

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Citrix: What to know about HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Microsoft Lync

At Citrix Synergy 2011 in Barcelona we had a special session on new features that would be released, one of the features was HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Microsoft Lync. Stefan Pieters and Martijn Bosschaart showed us a demo set with two XenDesktop sessions, on the session without the Optimization pack installed we saw the only vCPU spike up to 100% and the video/audio quality wasn’t really good but best practice is to use two vCPU’s instead of just one vCPU. The second XenDesktop session had the Optimization pack installed and we could see no spikes in vCPU usage but video/audio quality was impressive!

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Citrix: Windows 8 CP and the VDA installation, how it still fails..

As the Customer Preview of Windows 8 was released yesterday and I had some additional time today I wanted to install the VDA in the Windows 8 CP. I already tried the VDA installation with the Windows 8 developers release but that wouldn’t work, it came up with the Windows 8 version of a BSOD. So with this new release and the release of VDA Version 5.5.100 I thought why not just try again.


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